Jacket pack

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This jacket is made for the Deira base but it can fit onto other models furry or human avatars with a bit of adjustment which should be made easier with its smoothed out topology. This jacket includes a unity package with 6 different texture and material variants listed below

  • leather variant
  • bomber variant
  • space variant ( blinking emission )
  • graffiti variant ( with audio link )
  • cyberpunk variant ( scrolling emission )
  • pink stardust variant
  • also includes a tail lift blendshape and works with Deira body blendshapes

    Terms of service

  • This package CAN NOT be redistributed, given, or shared in any state with the exception of as part of a commission, in which at least one copy of the package must be purchased per commission before sharing files
  • These assets CAN NOT be uploaded as public in any social vr platform
  • These assets CAN NOT be used in any commercial capacity (except for monetized videos or streaming)

    Credits and info

  • credits to @ArkorenArt https://arkorenart.gumroad.com/ for helping me with texture work
  • link to the Deira base it is made for https://marivr.gumroad.com/l/Deira
  • this package uses poiyomi shaders https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader/releases
  • if u have any issues please message me at my discord skamps#3286

Jacket sold with avatar here
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Jacket pack

8 ratings
I want this!